From the vault.....

Today's post is a hodge podge.

#1: If you want to watch a wonderfully depressing movie about grief, you should watch Rabbit Hole. Nicole Kidman is a fantastic actress; this is some of her best work.

#2: Have you sent in a "water" photo yet for Word of the Week? You should! Think outside the box. Water fountain, water hydrant, sinks, bathtubs, water bottles. The world is your oyster. Just send me a great water pic! I'm excited.

#3: I cooked quinoa for the first time tonight (with garlic, carrots, and kale). Delicious! My new favorite grain (I think it's technically a grain, right?).

#4: I am not particularly crafty, but I love the idea of this project! I might try it!

#5: Some photos from the vault......



Beauty 2

Beauty 3

Beauty 5

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  1. Quinoa is totally a grain! An ancient grain! And a complete protein!

    Who knew I had such strong feelings about quinoa? Come to Litchfield and we will have a quinoa pilaf party.