It's 11:40pm on Friday night. For the first time in quite a few weeks, I feel like I can really breathe and stop thinking and just "be."

The last 3 weeks have been quite a time in ministry world.

I try to keep blogging life pretty separate from the real details of my pastor life. I do this out of respect for the congregation - I also do this because my blog is supposed to be a creative outlet where I can be a "normal" 28-year-old lady and not worry as much about being "pastoral" and "proper."

So although it has been a very strange, challenging time within the community I serve, I've tried to keep the blog moving a long in an uplifting way.

We've had two funerals in the last 9 days - both for gentlemen who died much too soon.

I feel so thankful that I got to know them.
And I feel very blessed to see the way this community comes together, supporting one another, and filling whole rooms and buildings with so much love and encouragement.
I'm also sad....and I think that's quite normal.

During these past several weeks, I've been inspired and amazed at the way God's peace and love and grace show up in unexpected places during times of challenge and grief and confusion.

I know the sentiment to "appreciate every moment" can sound cliche. But recent weeks have reminded me just how true that sentiment really is. We really DO NOT KNOW how many days we have on earth. It's so important to love people and love God and love life to the best of our ability.

I feel inspired to cut out all the toxic parts of my life - negative people (of course I cannot cut out all negative people....but I can limit contact with especially negative folks), worry, negative self-talk, bad communication patterns, unhealthy eating patterns, lack of sleep, etc. I want to replace the toxic stuff with healthy, beautiful stuff....uplifting people, hobbies, balance, reading, friendships.

Before tonight's high school football game, I spent a few moments in the field outside my house. The wind was really blowing. It felt so peaceful to just stand in that field feeling the breeze. It felt like a new chapter blowing in and all around.

A chapter of renewal and hope.






  1. E-
    I really loved this thoughtful reflection. I appreciate the time you take to keep your blog rolling - I know it means a commitment on your part.