Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for....

-Anticipating sleep
-Patient friends
-Surprise phone calls from wise people
Pretend shopping at the end of long, emotionally challenging days
-Laughter and tears at the same time
-Tiny fruit cups
-Anticipating dessert
-Anticipating everyone's BIG pictures for Word of the Week tomorrow! (Come on! I thought this would be a good word choice but I haven't rec'd any photos yet!)

What are you thankful for this week?
Comment with an item or two!


  1. • Celebrating the first day of fall with a friend.

    • Guacamole.

    • Going for a run with my kids on a fall day.

    • Rediscovering art studied long ago in college.

    • New food.

    • Bedtime.

    • Friends calling to check in at the end of the day.

    • The spectacle of a Gopher football game, even though the team stinks.

    • Stamina.

    • Mystery Beer Night.

    • Watching the delight of a good shopping purpose.

  2. Beginnings




    Isaiah 43:18-19

  3. -Today
    -A beautiful fall evening in the boat even if the fish were't hungry
    -Golf with an old friend
    -The ability to defend myself verbally

  4. Hot air balloons early in the morning, job interviews, chatting with good friends, a husband who can do car repairs, having time to crochet.

  5. * Inspiration

    * Making people smile

    * Spilling my guts via writing

    * Fishing

    * Getting to see my bestie

    * The help others are giving me trying to find a new roommate

    * My mommy

    * Kids, even if they're not mine

    * My health

    * My ability to power through a cold

    * Leggo

  6. Right now I am thankful for:

    --Friends who come to visit
    --fancy sandwiches by the lake shore
    --banana chocolate chip strawberry scones
    --leaves beginning to change color
    --garage sale finds
    --family time