Thankful Thursday


This week I am thankful for:

-New chapters
-Microwave lunches
-Photography time
-Honest emails
-Surprise packages with movies inside (thanks, Ms. J!)
-Long, productive days
-Anticipation of "brave" pics for tomorrow (Two people have sent in photos so far...how about you?)
-The Post-Bulletin posting my column for this week online 2 days early
-The best documentary I have seen in a long while
-A great anniversary celebration at church
-Podcasts (I caught up on a bunch of episodes of On Being. So good.)

How about you?
What are you thankful for?


  1. -Today
    -Music (specifically Martin Zellar and GB Leighton today)
    -Friends I can always count on
    -The new season of Modern Family, The Middle and Raising Hope.
    -Fly Fishing

  2. • Rainbow at sunrise

    • New fall coat

    • Coffee

    • Picture day

    • Slice of life conversations

    • Pizza with my kids

    • Renewal

    • Tuesday

    • Making plans

  3. A hopeful heart.
    A courageous spirit.
    A determined mind.
    Onward and upward, forward never backward.

  4. • Music always (for better or worse ... I seem to attach music to every time in my life)

    • The best documentary I've ever seen (check it out TLP ... http://www.wastelandmovie.com/ )

    • More new chapters in my life, more new people who make me smile

    • Newfound courage

    • Chipotle (when it's needed)

    • Running (never thought I'd say this, yuck ... but love the way I feel after)

    • The great time I had Monday night

    • Learning

    • Sweaters

    • Fun weekend plans

  5. Whoops! I'm having a Thankful Friday:

    --Time with my parents and daughter and friends
    --playing at the park in the sunshine
    --unexpected presents
    --holding a five-month-old baby