Thankful Thursday


This week I am thankful for.....

-Downloading new music
-This summer and all it has meant to me, personally and professionally
-Diet Mountain Dew (always)
-No new bruises
-Blog readers
-Learning about art
-Pretzel chips

What are you thankful for this week?

Last call: Please send your "vacation" Word of the Week pictures
by the end of the day!


  1. It's summer! What's not to be thankful for? Even so, here's my list:

    • Lazy summer afternoons on a paddleboat.

    • Music that triggers memories.

    • Kids at camp.

    • Sending letters to kids at camp.

    • A brother and sister-in-law jetting off to a new teaching adventure in Slovakia.

    • Laughter with friends.

    • Renewing my love of running.

  2. • Flip-flops

    • Sunshine

    • A new business venture

    • Wednesday Farmer's Market

    • Summer vacations with family

    • Blog writers

    • Good documentaries

    • Energy drinks (don't ask)

    • Having my days free, even if it means working early mornings or late nights

    • Good character

    • Patience

    • Health

    • Knowing it's OK to turn another year older (OK, this is more of a hope ... lol)

  3. I am thankful for:

    Blue skies and sunshine and low humidity.

    Remembering that Thursday is Farmers Market day.


    Mystery novels.

    My two-year-old's growing conversational skills.

    Chicago Mix popcorn from Candyland.

    Phone calls from old friends.

  4. - GOOD wine (really good)
    - today's not-miserable weather to run in and go to the zoo in
    - running
    - going to the zoo
    - naptime
    - God's promise for B's future, even if it is still a mystery to us

  5. Wow, friends! These are great lists. :) Thanks for taking time to post!