nature nature

nature nature

It's the weekend!
I get to preside at a wedding today. Yahoo!

I tell ya! I am just loving presiding at weddings! The rehearsal went well yesterday. These days I only get an itsy-bitsy-bit nervous for weddings. Mostly I just feel tons of joy and graditude at the opportunity to be involved in such a special day.

And I get to share about God's love in the midst of all of it. Yipee!

Here are some nature pictures.

Also, if you happen to live near me and have noticed that I have been listening to the same song for the last 4 days on repeat at a loud volume......sorry about that! I just really like Beyonce!

Nature 1

Nature 4

Nature 2

Nature 3

Nature 5

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  1. Lovely! I just blogged a bunch of nature photos from a hike this morning :)