I've been thinking about the topic of leadership a lot lately.

I wish I would have been paying more attention during my last year of seminary when I took that required leadership course. I can't remember what was distracting me at that time. It was either student loans, my huge crush on a fellow seminarian, or my anxiety about transitioning from graduate school life to pastor life (and not having a clue where I was going to end up!).

In all likelihood, it was probably the crush that was distracting me most. :)

Anyway, regardless of what may have been eating away at my brain space during that semester, I've been reviewing the course's required readings in recent days.

I've been trying to identify the qualities of good leaders. Partly because I want to be a better leader. Mostly because I want to empower others to be great leaders.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. What makes a good leader? Charisma? Kindness? Decisiveness? Flexibility? If you had to pick 3 characteristics to describe a good leader, which words would you choose?

At the moment, I'd say: Passion, Vision, and Love

What are your thoughts on the topic?

PS: Are you on the fence about church? Not sure how you feel about organized religion? I hear you. No church is perfect. And no person is perfect either. But there is something really sacred about the idea of a community of human beings getting together to praise God and support one another. A few friends posted this video on their facebook pages tonight. It's pretty great. Watch the whole thing. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Vision, eloquence, courage (and it doesn't hurt to be good lookin'!)

  2. Passion, Honesty, and Vision.

    Also, here is a great link to a blog post with 40 great Leadership books to read. I have read many of them and they are quality.


  3. April and Dan, thanks for sharing your leadership thoughts. Dan - thank you for the list of books!

  4. As someone who just finished a Masters in Comm & LEADERSHIP, I probably have some books. I'll admit...I think I only half paid attention, but I'll try and remember to bring them next time I see you and you can check them out!

    What stuck out to me most was the Greenleaf stuff about servant leadership. I remember thinking, "This guy has made this big an impact on the study of leadership? This concept is from the BIBLE, not him!" Basically, though, leading by serving, as Jesus did.

    The other piece - which Joy would love :-) - was from Parker Palmer. It took a little more to relate to as it was written specifically for teachers, but I kind of took away the idea of authenticity from it. Also not NEW per se, but he's usually a good read! (The book was A Hidden Wholeness)