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Hi there! I am happily exploring a place I have never been! Washington DC. :) I am uploading pics throughout the trip on my Flickr site. To check them out, just click on the 'Photography' link on the left.

I am here until 6am Saturday, and I hope to make the most of every hour. If you have recommendations of places I should see or restaurants to eat at, please leave a comment. Thanks to all the friends (and my helpful airplane seat neighbor) for the tips so far.

I had no idea what it would be like. It's amazing. You can walk to all the places you want to see. It feels like being in a movie or on an episode of Meet the Press.


  1. LOVE DC! If you have a chance, Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most reverent places I've ever been. Other than that, I don't think you can go wrong. Do lots of reading of the plaques and brochures. Are you there by yourself?? Have fun!

  2. My hometown!! My FAVORITE spot in the whole city is steps of the Jefferson Memorial looking out over the Tidal Basin, and the FDR memorials' many waterfalls.

    You would love Julia Child's kitchen at the American History Smithsonian. The National Archives has great exhibits as well as the founding documents. Check out the Nat'l Gallery of Art, especially the Calder mobile in the lobby.

    To eat: Union Station has a great food court (and the station architecture if fabulous). Old Ebbit Grill (by the White House) is amazing. Chinatown!