Something new

Recently I have been reminded (for the billionth time) that life is surprising and unpredictable.
It seems I learn this lesson every week, but somehow it always catches me off-guard.

Sometimes life's little surprises are beautiful,
sometimes they are painful,
sometimes they are a combination of beautiful and painful.

Now and then (actually, pretty regularly), life's events can make me start to doubt myself. I start thinking things like....

-I guess I was never that fun
-I'm weird
-I will never be as pretty as ________
-If only I were more _______, then ________
-Everything would be perfect if ______, but now ______
-I should be more clever
-I'm not spontaneous enough
-I am not creative enough

Do you ever think things like that?

Well, we really need to stop it!

I am quite sure the world has enough negative energy floating around,
and I don't need to add to it. I'm sick of being so hard on myself!
It's silly. It's hurtful.
Sometimes life is just bogus.
Sometimes it's fantastic.
Sometimes life absolutely does NOT go how we expect it to go.

And then, we're faced with the choice.
We cut down or we build up.
We mourn for what we are not,
or we embrace what we are.

It's time to do some more embracing. Don't you agree?

So say aloud or write down 5 things you love about who you are.
Please. This is your own private exercise (although it's always great to hear your feedback, so feel free). Build yourself up today. And don't feel weird about it. You are worth this. Boys and girls and kids and elderly folks. Everyone! And then build up the people around you.

I'll go first....

5 Things I Love about Who I Am:
1) I love to laugh.
2) I am a good listener.
3) I love people and their stories.
4) I think before I speak.
5) I am a peacemaker.

Now it's your turn.
You can certainly post your 5 qualities here.
But that is not necessary.
Just stop what you're doing. Grab a corner of paper.
And write down 5 things you value about yourself.
Then go on with your day.



  1. This is a practice I need to start and actually do - this should be a regular part of your Tuesday posts like Thursday's are for remembering to be Thankful!
    Thanks for the reminder to love ourselves and where we are in the world!

  2. Hey Ms. L! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I think you're right. We need to incorporate "Affirmation Date" on a regular basis. It's really important and healthy! Love you, girl.