hello my darlings. please excuse the poor grammar and punctuation for the next two days. i am posting the next few entries from my phone instead of my computer. it is just a bit more tricky to figure out the right buttons to push. i am on a two day adventure. my adventure began this morning in a truly adventurous way. when i have a full keyboard i will fill you in on the hilarious details. it requires ample punctuation to get the full effect and right now i am limited to periods. also, i dont know how to start new paragraphs. just as a teaser for how hilarious the story is, i will share the time of day. 430am. And the parties involved. Me, my broken car, and an extremely thoughtful tow truck driver.

Awesome! I just learned how to capitalize and start new paragraphs midway through this post!

Due to my lack of computer access the next 2 days, my posts will be primarily photographs. I think you will be able to figure out the destination of my brief and wonderful adventure based on the pictures.

Word of the Week will be moved to Saturday or Sunday this week. Then I will have time to edit the pictures. So please keep sending me your GROW pics for this week.

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