Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday July 28

This week I am thankful for....
-amazing home visits and hospital visits
-happy blood (the rollercoaster continues; I'm embracing it!)
-friends (old and new)
-sharing good news
-the church garden
-Maple Leaf cookies

What are you thankful for these days?

P.S. - Tomorrow is Word of the Week!


  1. •Sharing good news with friends

    • Unexpected visits

    • Visiting family

    • Road trips

    • Dinner conversations

    • Birthdays

    • Baseball

    • Summer vegetables

  2. Thankful for:
    a newly-shingled roof over our heads;
    that the roofing work didn't scare off either the swallow or wren that are nesting by our back door;
    praying with my husband;
    youth ministry trips;
    Fresh veggies!

  3. - motivation to run
    - the clearance section at JoAnn
    - hide-and-seek
    - boys who love to swim
    - a new job possibility for B (pray, Em!)
    - cooking with Cade
    - being called a "bestie" for the first time! :)

  4. I am thankful for:

    The joy of youth mission trips and the joy of coming home from them.

    Remembering to shop at the farmers market. Green beans and popping corn!

    The lazy river at the water park.

    Friends, their visits, and their good news.

    Eating donut holes with my toddler. ("Donuts! I like donuts!")

    The opportunity for improved people watching out my new office window.

  5. Green gardens
    Blue skies
    Yellow hibiscus
    Red platelets - ok, maybe they aren't really red, but in my mind's eye they are : ) And I'm soooo thankful they are up, up, up!

  6. These lists always make my heart sing with joy! Thank you for joining in the fun, everyone!