A new day.


You are so loving and supportive.
Thank you for sticking with me through last night's never-ending, sad blog post! I re-read it today. Yikes! Downer! :) But it was very healthy for me, I think. Thanks for reading.

Today I am feeling much better.
Much, much.
I keep thinking of that song from Annie. "The sun will come out tomorrow...."

And, indeed, the sun is shining in southeastern Minnesota! We are in the midst of heat wave.

I went to the Care Center for some visits today. The power was out so they had no air! Wow! All my elderly friends were gobbling up delicious Popsicles to cool off.

Here was my favorite interaction of the entire day.....(Lady F has dementia but is one of the most delightful, happy people I know!):

Lady F (that's what we'll call her): Well hello! It is so nice to see you here!
Me: Thank you! It's nice to see you, too. Would it be okay if we visit for awhile?
Lady F: Of course!
Me: Would you like me to get a Popsicle for you? (The staff was giving out Popsicles to cool everyone off).
Lady F: Sure, that sounds good. And how about you? Can I offer you a glass of wine?

She was 100% serious. :) Oh how I wish I could've taken her up on that idea! I thanked her for the nice offer but declined. We spent the next 30 minutes laughing so hard about so many great topics. And then we had communion - which was also wonderful. That lady is so terrific. I wish I could hang out with her every day.

So, the big lesson I learned today: each day is a new day and a new gift. I hope next time I feel sad or discouraged, I can remember to look ahead, laugh, and work toward a better tomorrow. And, if that doesn't work, I hope I can hang out with Lady F.


  1. I'm a big Sara Groves fan and this song came to mind when thinking of you today. This particular You Tube video has added some inspirational quotes to go along with the song - and there are some pretty good ones.


    Glad you're having a good day!

  2. Emily, you are such an amazing, giving, grace-ful pastor! I can only hope that I have 1/10th of the grace and goodness that you have when I am a pastor (someday)!

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies! Love Sara Groves. And Sarah - you will be a wonderful, compassionate, fantastic pastor someday!