Music Monday: My Summer Soundtrack

Music Monday

Hey there! There are two albums I've been listening to non-stop this summer....

1) Bon Iver (the lead guy is Justin Vernon from Wisconsin)
(check out THIS fun interview on The Colbert Report;
he was a Religious Studies major and a Women's Studies minor!!!!)

2) James Vincent McMorrow

Have you listened to those fine fellows yet?
It's the perfect background music for warm summer evenings with friends.
It's also the perfect background music for the office.
It's also the perfect background music while you get ready in the morning.
It's also the perfect background music when you're getting ready for bed.

See? They are all-around awesome musicians!

If I had a Boat by Mr. McMorrow

We Don't Eat by Mr. McMorrow (my current favorite song. love. love. adore.)

Holocene by Bon Iver (beautiful. beautiful)
(hmmm....maybe he could be my newest musician crush....John Mayer, watch out!)

I Can't Make You Love Me (cover) by Bon Iver
(Every version of this song makes me cry. For as long as I have understood this song, it has made me tearful. It's so beautiful, isn't it? Such a universal human experience.)

I was very saddened to hear of the recent death of the great musician, Amy Winehouse.
Here's a song I like a lot: Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse

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  1. Oh.my.gosh. I too LOVE "Holocene". It is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a good long while. I also got William Fitzsimmon's album "Until When We Are Ghosts" and it is just so beautiful and well-produced. <3