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Oversize shades

Friends, I need your help!
I don't like wearing sunglasses, but I know they are important.
(I feel similarly about sunscreen, but one thing at a time).
Something about wearing sunglasses generally throws me off balance!
But I don't want to hurt my dearly beloved retinas!
Or whatever part of the eye gets damaged by the sun.
So I know I need to get into good sungear habits....stat!

What kind of sunglasses do you wear? Oversized? Small? Prescription? Trendy? Classic?
What brand? I need your recommendations please!

A few of my other favorite fashion treasures these days.....

-the color coral
-oversize pearls
-headbands (I'm learning to make my own!)
-belts (especially neon colored)
-laughing (THE ultimate accessory - for men and women)


  1. I love the look of huge sunglasses on your fine-featured face!
    I have 2 pairs (one brown, one black) of oversized plastic sunglasses with no "bling" and one pair of metal aviators. Brent gets expensive ones so he takes good care of them. I get cheap ones (Target and Kohls) so I can change as the trends do!

  2. Ummm, those are huge! LOL.

    Personally, I'll rock several different ones. Some big mosquito-looking ones (brown), my old, much smaller Oakleys (beige) and then some cheap white ones (my friends make fun of me).

    Unless you need that D&G logo on there, just go with a bunch of cheap ones. They'll all look good (and feel better the more you wear them) on you!