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Hello. It's the weekend!

I was delighted to preside at my first outdoor wedding this weekend.
It was wonderful. Sometimes I can be pretty skeptical about relationships,
but every now and then, I am a total softy. Weddings (and any movie with Jake Gyllenhaal) bring out my mushy, romantic self. Today it was very clear to me that marriage can be a very beautiful part of life.

Personally, in the midst of all the celebration, I also had several hopeful moments of realizing that maybe someday my deep fears of long-term commitment will fade. In the meantime, it sure is beautiful to be part of weddings and marriages. It's very special to be able to bring a message of God's love for all people and all creation into the celebration of a wedding.

Today, I love love love my job.

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  1. Glad the wedding was a wonderful experience - I hope those fears fade for you as well - there can be beauty in the long term!