Friend Edition: Heidi

Friend Edition

I am a thankful girl. I am very blessed with people in my life who know a lot about how to be beautiful on the inside and on the outside. My friend Heidi is beautiful in a multitude of ways.

She is lovely in person (FANTASTIC haircut, super cute shoe collection, amazing complexion), and she is an inspiring leader and pastor. Heidi is one of those special kinds of people who is the perfect combination of wit, personality, and extreme intelligence. And she knows a BUNCH about cosmetics. Check out all her fabulous tips!

Thanks for joining us today, Heidi!


Heidi's products

Heidi, take it away.....

My earliest memories of makeup include being able to open the big drawer of the antique dresser in our bathroom at the farmhouse I grew up in. There were all kinds of neat treasures in there, secrets my mom had stashed away from us busy twin girls. Perfumed powder—with a fancy puff! Frosted eyeshadows of many colors. Shimmering lipsticks! And cream blusher! Pink plastic rollers (remember, this was before the pink foam ones, and way WAY before the curling iron days). I still remember the smells, the colors, and the many summer nights of “experiments.” Obviously this all was deeply, indelibly imprinted on my little-girl brain.

Fast-forward to today. A 35 year old pastor lady who strives to embody the vitality of the Gospel. Because hey—we have a great gig, right? (Jesus = best boss evah).

So in order to walk the talk, we gotta look our best. There are a few beauty products I use every day that (I hope) contribute a better first impression, and a better ongoing impression, too:

1. Redness-removing eye drops. The beauty queens do it. Because it works. Don’t overdo it, of course, but one drop in each eye every morning made me look 10 years younger. Might be a slight exaggeration, but hey: I was a little insecure when I returned to work all bleary-eyed after maternity leave.

2. The very-best concealer you can find. I use Dermablend, the crème version (psst…it’s so thick it covers port-wine blemishes and even tattoos). Expensive, only at the department store counter, but you can try samples there, and the pot will actually start to cake and go bad before you can use it up. Worth every penny. When I suggested it to someone else who had a lot of shame about some facial redness and acne scarring, it changed.her.life. There is nothing else like it.

3. Self-tanner for your face. Apply after cleansing your face, about every other evening. My favorite is Loreal’s Sublime Bronze line. Doesn’t stink, dries quickly, smooth application, not orange. Win-ner. I love this product so much I try to get my husband to use it, too. So far, I’ve had very poor luck.

4. Professionally-sculpted eyebrows with a precise metal tweezer for upkeep. Just do it. Please. Tip #4 is for ladies AND gentlemen, btw. And no, it doesn’t matter if you wear glasses.

5. A very good haircut (and possibly color) that works with your lifestyle, hair type, and face shape. I honestly spend more on hair than I do on clothes because I have found that if I have a good haircut, I can wear clothes from Target and look very chic. Funny, because the opposite is not true: I can’t get my hair cut at (OK, let’s just say the Target-equivalent) and wear spendy clothes and get the same result.

6. Ladies: a perfectly-matched foundation. I go to Revlon Colorstay for this. It’s like $12-13 bucks. It has SPF in it. And, it won’t sweat off on Easter Sunday. Alleluia!

For those of you who are uncomfortable with a full face of make-up, please know that my whole routine takes me 8-10 minutes to do. I have one eye liner, one lip liner, one concealer, one foundation, one powder, one blush, one trio of eye shadows, one mascara, so there is no time wasted in “choosing.” It’s just boom-boom-boom and done. For night or special occasions, I use the same colors, just a little heavier hand.

P.S. This tip is just for the lady pastors out there: Paint your fingernails on Saturday night. Not only will you look awesome for Sunday morning, having wet nails keeps you from endlessly tweaking your sermon. Give it up and do something fun, ‘K? I have two small kids and often my “manicure” is OPI’s ridge filler (2 coats) followed by one coat of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Clearly Quick. It turns out buff-colored and shiny, which—as it’s known in my world—is a rich-lady manicure.

Go forth! And make the outside match the treasure within!

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  1. Aww, shucks. You say such nice things. And if anyone has any recommendations on beauty products they can't live without, I'd love to hear them! -Heidi