Friend Edition: Dan

Friend Edition

Dan Doering is awesome. He is a great friend and a fantastic pastor. I think about many of his wise words on a regular basis. For example, once I said to Dan, "Maybe I shouldn't share anything about my actual life and personality with people from church. Maybe I need to be guarded. Pastors can't be friends with people from their congregations, right?" And he said, "Why? I've never really understood that approach to ministry." And I said, "Hmmm. That's true. It doesn't really make sense."

And from that point forward, I feel like I've been able to be much more myself. I feel like I laugh more, love more, listen more, and share more. Thank you, Dan.

Additionally, Dan has a collection of watches that is awesome! He also has a wonderful wife and a really cool son!

Take it away, Dan....

Dan Watch 1

Dan Watch 2

"Watch Talk"
by Dan Doering

I guess the reason that I like watches so much is for the simple design asthetics of them. I like how a cool watch can lead into a conversation. Finally, I like how wearing a nice watch makes me feel about myself...gives me confidence as I go about my day.

I prefer to stick with Fossil brand watches and they make up the vast majority of my collection. They are relatively inexpensive, look nice, and are durable. The only drawback for them is you have to find a Fossil dealer to change batteries.

For athletic watches, I seem to gravite towards the Nike brand.

My favorite watch in the collection is a Fossil. It is metal and hase a huge hole in the middle of the watchface. It is a pretty unique watch, and I have never seen anyone wear anything similiar.
Finally, I just ordered a new watchband this week that will allow me to wear my IPod Nano as a wristwatch. Pretty excited about it.

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