Music Monday

Music Monday

Soundtrack of the Week
5 songs I recommend as background music for the next 7 days of your life.

Morning Jam: Lisztomania by Phoenix
(I really like this French band; great sound and energy. 1901 is a good song, too.)

Theological Persuasion: Praise You by Mary Mary
(Sometimes you just need to hear a 'pick me up' gospel song!)

Love Me, Love Me Not: Gravity by Sara Bareilles
(WARNING: Beautiful song, but listening to it on repeat for 6 days may or
may not lead you to write a long, rambling, email to an ex.)

Ridiculously Terrible but Awesome Pop: The Hardest Thing by 98 Degrees
(Yes, I'm still recommending pop songs from my high school days.
Good times, my friends. My 10 year reunion in July! Oh yeah!)

Bedtime: Who You Are by Peter Groenwald
(I love Peter's music. I would love for him to get more and more exposure!)

Music Monday 5.9.2011

Also, thanks for sending me your "delight" images! I'd love to get a bunch more before next Friday. Thank you for joining in on the fun.

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