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Friend Edition: Fashionisto

Today's entry of "Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionisto (please notice the final 'o' instead of 'a' because today a MAN is joining us): Friend Edition" features my pal Pete.

Pete loves sneakers, and here's his story on an amazing pair of running shoes. Nice work, Pete! Here's his blog: Walking in the Sunshine.

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Pete Footwear

The Perfect Running Shoes: By Pete

Shoes. It’s amazing how many pairs a person needs. For me, it’s not about ‘matching the outfit.’ Each pair has a different purpose! This spring I decided to get back into running. My old running shoes were over 8 years old, so it was time to replace them with something that would make my feet happy as I pounded the pavement.

I found that buying running shoes isn’t as simple as going to the store and snagging a pair (I wear size 14, so not every store even has any available!). The varieties are endless. The features are mind-numbing (and quite silly). I needed a solid pair that would hold up well and would not break the bank.

I ended up going to my favorite shoe store: eBay! A quick search revealed a myriad of shoes...most of them overpriced. Then the perfect pair hit my screen: a brand known for quality and solid construction, $25 (including shipping). Eureka! They were in the mail to me the next day. The colors are...well...interesting. I like to think that they bring some charm to my running. The best part: I was at a high school track meet shortly after ordering these shoes. One of the girls had a pair that looked a LOT like mine! I pointed them out to a mom, who snarkily commented, “You can get whatever you want if you customize them yourself and pay $130 for the pair.” $130??? $25 for me, thanks!