Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista: Hannah

Friend Edition

Today we are in for a real treat.
My pal Hannah is today's fashionista, and friends, let me tell you:
this girl has great style. S-T-Y-L-E!

After you see today's post, I know you'll want to chick on over to Hannah's excellent blog. Not only is she adorable, clever, kind, and creative....she is also an amazing photographer. http://zhparris.blogspot.com/

Thanks for joining us, Hannah!

Hannah 2

Hannah 1

Hello Life Breathing readers! I was so excited that Emily asked me to be part of her Fashionista feature that I could hardly decide what to share with you: my shoes, my vintage jewelry, my (too many) skirts? Then I thought more about what Emily always shares on her blog: just be yourself.

So I decided I will just share a little piece of myself with you all. I'm a PK (pastor's kid), and then I ended up marrying a Lutheran pastor, too. There have been many times in my life where I've felt extra pressure to conform to what society thinks a pastor's family or pastor's spouse should be. Here's the thing, though: I've never been much for conformity, and fashion is one way that I've always expressed myself. Even as a little girl I chose my own outfits, and family photos definitely prove my penchant for bright colors, mixed prints, and wild accessories!

The same holds true today. I choose clothes that I love to wear, that make me feel good about myself, and that I think tell other folks a little bit about me.

In the spirit of being myself, I am disclosing my undying love of scarves. When living in Chicago during seminary, scarves were essential, but now that we live in Southern California, I've been struggling to find ways to use them. After all, what's the point of having a pretty piece of clothing or accessory if you never wear it? My best solution has been to use my lighter-weight scarves in my hair or around my waist. I love how versatile scarves can be, especially when used as a belt. You can change the entire look of an outfit simply by cinching a scarf at your waist. You can tie it in the front, side or back, in a knot or a bow, or even pin it in place with your favorite brooch. Just have fun with it!

And...one of the best things about scarves is that they are generally really affordable, which is a must for a bargain shopper like me. Most of mine have come from clearance racks, street vendors (when traveling abroad), vintage/consignment shops, and my favorite...my mother's dresser (don't worry, I made sure she didn't want them anymore).

Hannah 4

So go ahead and try using a scarf or any other accessory in an unexpected way. Or add a pop of color to your outfits. Most importantly, find clothes that are "you" and wear them proudly!

Hannah 3


  1. Yay! Hannah rules! (And it's not just because she and I look quite alike and have the same awesome fashion sense!) :)

  2. Yay! Hannah rules! (And it's not just because she and I look quite alike and have the same awesome fashion sense!) :)