Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista: 1 Skirt, 3 Ways

pastoral fashionista 2

Today's tip: Mix it up!

There is a treasure of outfits RIGHT in your closet just waiting to be discovered. Try to throw away every fashion rule you think you know (because there really aren't any rules), and just experiment. Play. Have fun.

It's likely you don't have time to goof around every day looking for the perfect outfit. No problem! But maybe once a month you get together with girlfriends for coffee? Or maybe you have a date night now and then with your significant other? Those are great opportunities to try something new.

Or, if you feel your closet is lacking....there is probably a treasure of outfits in your friend's closet....as is the case in my life! A pal from church was down-sizing her wardrobe last week, and she gave me a giant bag of treasures to look through before she donated the rest. Rejoice! It was awesome!

One of my favorite treasures is the skirt you'll see in just a moment. I loved my friend's kind gesture, I am a "pass it on" girl myself. Swapping clothes and sharing clothes is awesome for a number of reasons. It's environmentally-friendly, it's budget-friendly, and it's a perfect opportunity to be creative. Here are three looks with one skirt. You can do the same! Mix and match! Play dress-up with your own closet.

One Skirt, 3 ways

Also, don't forget! It's almost time for "Word of the Week." I have only received one photo so far! Send me your "surprise" photos by tomorrow night, okay? I need your help! Remember, it can be an old photo or a new photo.

Next Week's Word, Surprise