Thoughts to Ponder

Easter Means.....

I wrote a long post a few minutes ago about the process of writing an Easter Sunday sermon. But then I erased it.

Instead, I'll leave you with a few questions to ponder between now and Easter. These aren't questions you need to answer publicly. They are just a few prompts to move you into formulating your own intentional holy week thoughts.

#1: Do you celebrate Easter? Why or why not?
#2: How do you understand the meaning of Jesus' death?
#3: If Jesus had lived until old age and died of natural causes, would his death have the same power to save?
#4: What does Jesus' resurrection from the dead mean for YOUR daily life right now? How does it free you today? What does it free you from?
#5: If you couldn't speak but could only make one facial expression to describe the meaning of Easter - what facial expression would you choose?

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