Josh's 25th Birthday

Bro and Sis Hats
Today is my amazing little brother's 25th birthday.
He's the best brother. The best, best brother.
Joshua, happy birthday. Here are 25 things I love about you.

1. You are kind.
2. You are brave.
3. You listen.
4. You are brilliant.
5. You are a good friend to many (and to me).
6. You are never a doormat, and you teach me not to be a doormat.
7. You build a sense of community wherever you go.
8. You work hard.
9. You are great at solving puzzles.
10. You always look forward.
11. You are honest.
12. You reminded me that we are siblings and friend-in-laws. :)
13. You let me choose the games we play on Wii.
14. You are always willing to try something new.
15. You never judge me for eating in weird ways.
16. You are the fastest reader I know.
17. Even when you don't agree with someone, you are respectful.
18. You have a great sense of humor.
19. You used to let me play with your Zbots and GI Joes.
20. You like Flight of the Conchords and other silly shows.
21. You are artistic.
22. You appreciate diversity.
23. You help me with my boy dramas.
24. You see the funny side of everything.
25. You make the world a better place.

I love you, Joshua! Happy 25th Birthday.

Mom Josh 25
Bro and Sis
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