The hope.

Today, I asked the confirmation kids what hope feels like.
Their answers were awesome; as usual.

I'm feeling highly vocationally overwhelmed right now and tired. And busy. And blah, blah, blah. We all feel overwhelmed and tired and busy sometimes, right? So whatever. My struggles are not unique, that is for sure. I long for balance and struggle to make the major changes necessary to achieve it. I know I am not alone. Enough of that. I'm longing for hope and joy tonight, so I'm taking 15 minutes to write a post about hope and joy.

The following moments from my past week are giving me immense vocational hope.

When I doubt whether I can keep up this pace, when I doubt whether I "believe" enough of the right things to be a pastor, when I doubt my own abilities - these sorts of moments help me persevere.

What springs of hope are spraying you with grace this week?

A Poem
Love E
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  1. When I was ordained, a very dear friend of mine gave me a beautiful, fabric-covered "Pastor's treasure box." It was empty at first, but since then I've added little treasures like you have pictured here ... notes, drawings, cards, etc. When I need a dose of encouragement, or a reminder that I don't always let everyone down, just looking at that box helps.

    PS - the clip art on your word find (the sunrise & cross) is the same one I used for our Lenten theme art at Grace. Made me smile to see it!