Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista: Grandpa Pants

pastoral fashionista 2

It's okay not to match. And for this outfit, I embraced my non-matching self.

I purchased these cropped print pants awhile back for $9, and they had been waiting patiently in my closet to be worn. The tricky part is that I had no idea what to wear them with. Cropped pants are always a risk, but the sun was shining, so I figured, "Today is the day!"

I decided to wear the unique pants with a bright shirt and ridiculously high heels. The outfit was a success, especially if the goal was to see how many people I could get to comment on my shoes in one day. This was not my original goal, but it ended up providing ample entertainment throughout a very lengthy Monday.

The comments ranged from, "Whoa! Where did you buy those?" to "We always love your interesting shoes" to "I remember when my ankles could handle shoes like those."

Lesson: Put on the heels. Or maybe the lesson was: Don't put on the heels. Or: Be careful what you wear to book group. Or: Bring a back-up pair of shoes on hospital visit day.

Bottom line: I love weird shoes. And today, I very much love my job.

People are a beautiful creation.

Run Down

Grandpa style

Danger Shoes

Working it


  1. Emily, you are too funny! P.S. Those shoes are totally rockin'!!


  2. How does one "follow" your blog? Or do you have a link for that? Because I love your blog! Have you seen mine?


  3. Love love love those shoes! I wore some crazy high heels to church on Sunday loved the comments I got from the 70-80 year old ladies talking about how they would love to wear those if they still could :)

  4. OK, you call them "crop pants" and I call them "the pants I buy by accident when I don't notice that I had crossed over into the 'petite' section."