Weekend Chronicles

Des Moines, Des Moines! I never knew I loved Des Moines! Yesterday I had a day of family fun with my mom and brother in Iowa's lovely state capital.

Friday started with: Taco John's. Oh yes; yes, that's right! My very favorite fast food restaurant. Did you know Taco John's serves BREAKFAST at some locations? I had no idea! I love Taco John's. So that was a beautiful start to the day! Diet Mountain Dew, too.

Taco Johns for breakfast

After that, Mom and I enjoyed a few hours of fun and waited for my brother to get off of work. When he got off, we visited him and took some fun family pictures. I had never seen his cool apartment before.


Then, we all headed to downtown Des Moines. Did you know Des Moines is really hip!?!? It is! There were trendy hipsters everywhere. I was coveting the coolness of a city I had really underestimated. We went to a place called Hessen Haus. They serve many German treats. I had the most delicious stew I've ever consumed. We had lots of fun. Then we watched a movie, some Youtube clips, and an episode of South Park. We laughed a lot.

Hip Des Moines

Bro and Sis

This morning we met up for brunch at a super tasty place called The Machine Shed.

Machine Shed

Have you ever dined there? The Travel Channel voted it the BEST PLACE IN THE COUNTRY for breakfast. It was terrific. Also, they had a fun pig in the front.


Soon after that, it was time to head back to our respective homes. I listened to the audio version of the very great novel, Middlesex, for awhile. Then, I turned up the Ipod and pretended I was a rockstar for 2 hours. I really belted out the tunes! It's fun to pretend, isn't it? :)

It was a tremendous time. I want to visit Iowa again soon and include some friend visits, too. Wonderful Family and wonderful friends. I am a thankful girl.


Friends and family.


  1. Oh you were just miles from us! Let us know the next time you're in town!

  2. Ah! The Machine Shed. It's been traditional for my brother and I to stop at the one at I80/exit 292 on our way between Chicago and Webster City. Good value! Funky atmosphere and gift shop!!

  3. Becky - YES! I WILL VISIT next time. For sure! I didn't know you were so close.

    Bill - I miss you. :)

  4. Em-When are you headed to Chi-town to visit your stomping ground...We would love to have you!