Thoughts, Prayers, and Silence.

What is an appropriate response when international tragedy strikes?
Watch the news?
Say a prayer?
Acknowledge a few moments of silence?
Send thoughts of warmth and love?

It's challenging, isn't it?
I don't think there is a perfect response for us to have to all that is happening in Japan.
It seems any response at all is probably beneficial. But many responses are probably fairly superficial. Can that be avoided?

It's so surreal to listen to interviews or watch that video clip of the terrifying wall of water. But it's almost more surreal to have the ability to turn it off and return to "normal." Uncomfortably strange.

I'm reading the biblical book of Job for my Lenten discipline. Today I read chapter 3. It's heart-breaking! Heart-wrenching. Job is in the midst of rip-your-guts out sadness after losing EVERYTHING meaningful in his life. I wasn't sure I'd like the book of Job, but I already love it for chapter 3 alone. Even though it's probably the most depressing chapters of the Bible I've ever read, I feel like it truly has its place in the journey of life. I imagine that there are thousands and thousands in Japan in a similar emotional state.

Like Job's clueless friends, I also don't know what to do to be helpful to our brothers and sisters and animals and plants being impacted by the earthquake.

Interestingly, in the second chapter of the book of Job, his friends don't say or do anything at all. They just sit with him in silence. They see his overwhelming grief, and all they can think to do, is share space without words.

Initially, they sit in silence and they listen as he pours out his heart.

I like the book of Job.

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