It's go time!

Go Time!

The fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins have now been purchased. And it is go time! I'm going to eat healthy and exercise from now on. No excuses. I'm sick of feeling so tired all the time.

A super healthy girl chapter begins today. Ready...set....go. (Diet Mountain Dew, stop calling my name!!!!!) Anyone want to join me? Many of you are already really healthy-eating, regularly-moving folks! I need you!


  1. As you know, I've turned a new leaf as well. Two things I'm holding on to:
    1) "Think. Eat. Move. In that order." (Bob, from Biggest Loser) and
    2) "Pick one big thing to work on for two weeks. Then pick another thing." (A dietitian I met with at Mayo)

  2. Andrea, excellent thoughts! Thank you for sharing those! :)