Everyone has a hobby.....

pastoral fashionista 2

Everyone has hobbies, right? I'm sure you love all kinds of things! Books? Coffee? Mad Men? Libraries? Vegetables? I have a variety of hobbies, too: music, Poptarts, friends, laughing, God, margaritas, movies. I also love fashion. I'd like to share thoughts on that hobby here at the blog. A few caveats to begin.

#1 - I am not a fashion expert. I wear many strange outfits. I experiment and sometimes I fail. I love good deals and vintage-wear. I also love to explore style as a means of self-expression.

#2 - Fashion will not be a "HUGE" part of this blog, but I'm thinking a weekly feature would be appropriate. If this theme annoys you, please come back tomorrow.

#3 - The goal: share ideas and tips. Also: make jokes about my attempts to be a "stylish" pastor. (For example, today I heard the following at the coffee shop when I ran into an elderly church member. "Whoo-wee! You sure are dressed up today, Pastor Emily." My response: "Well, of course! It's Fancy Tuesday.")

#4 - Yes, yes. I know thinking about clothes is superficial! And yes, I'm familiar with Matthew 6:25. But are you familiar with Ecclesiastes 8:15? It's a good one.

And now we begin.

Tip of the Week: Put a shirt over that dress!

Do you have dresses lurking in your closet that annoy you?
Perhaps dresses that you like but don't know how to wear?
Sleeveless dresses that you adore but wonder how to wear in the non-summer months?
Me, too! Here's an idea.
Put a shirt or jacket over that dress. You'll have a whole new outfit.

March Outfit 1

Building the outfit

1. Green summer dress from Target.
2. Simple black button-up shirt.
3. BELT! I know, I know. You don't like belts. You could skip this step.
But you shouldn't! You'd be cute in a belt!
4. Vintage necklace. 25 glorious cents from a garage sale!


Black Shoes


  1. You're so cute! When I read the Matthew text, I also remember that birds show themselves off. If they can, why can't we?

  2. you are so cute!! I love how you put it together!!

  3. Love the new feature (and that wonderful necklace)!!

  4. Adorbz! But you forgot to tell us where you got the shoes!

  5. I love your fantastic fashion.
    Plus I love the hint - may have to give it a try.

  6. Ladies - thank you so much for the comments!!!! I was feeling like a SUPER DUPER DORK for posting a fashion blog post! But I think I'm just going to go for it. Carpe diem - as they say.

  7. I LOVE shirts over dresses! It's THE best way to pack when traveling. No need to bring multiple shirts/dresses, etc...Layering is the key:) I think I get more excited about finding vintage jewelry for pennies at thrifty places than if I had something from Tiffany's ...okay, well...maybe....

  8. Hip + Pastor = Hipster. That's what I tell my kids (i.e. my own kids) to call me. They're not buying it.

  9. Hi! I don't know you, and I don't remember how I stumbled on your blog, but I've been following for a while and I just wanted to say thank you! It inspires and encourages me as a fellow young woman in ministry. And I love the new fashion feature! I have always felt we should represent ourselves well, but its always a fine line to dance along :)

    Also... I have that same dress!!

  10. Adorbz! But you forgot to tell us where you got the shoes!