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I love prints. I think they are fabulous. But too much of a good thing is sometimes not such a good thing. Agreed? This is certainly the case with prints! Ladies and gents, don't ever kick the prints out of your closet. But feel free to tame down their volume a bit now and then. I love layering over prints. Then, you always have the option to wear the shirt or dress in all its printed glory - or, when appropriate, you can subdue it a bit.

(Indeed, another belt. What can I say? I'm a belt addict.)
I am trying to learn a new blogging skill.
Here's attempt #1 - a collage of Modcloth pieces that I think would make adorable outfits.

Modcloth Mix and Match


I didn't post the newest "New Tune Tuesday" until late Tuesday night.

Click on down and check it out. It's a hymn!

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