Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista

pastoral fashionista 2

Thank you for the wonderful emails and comments on last week's "Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista" post. It has been a treat to hear from you other ladies around the country who enjoy high heels and skirts. Lady pastors, work it girls! It IS possible to love God and love cute belts!

Gentleman, sorry that these weekly posts won't necessarily include information directly applicable to your own closets (however, today's "Tip of the Week" applies to the ladies and the gents!).

A few fashion thoughts from Emily world:

1. Always get ready in the morning while listening to pop music. Pretend you're in a music video! It will make the whole experience of getting ready MUCH more enjoyable. If you need a list of songs to jam out to in the morning, please let me know!

2. Set your clothes out the night before (THIS IS KEY!). In the morning, you might be sleepy or cranky. If you try to pick out your clothes when you are tired, you'll end up looking & feeling like a crabby patty all day! Try giving yourself 8 minutes before bed to choose an outfit and set it aside for the morning.

For the love of belts.

3. Ladies, give nylons and leggings and tights another chance! Let go of the bad memories you have of these fantastic accessories. But only if you want to! No pressure. Some people just hate the feeling of those substances on the skin. I like them because they have an instant slimming effect AND they can totally change the look of an outfit. P.S. - Have you put on a belt yet?

And now, the tip of the week......

Embrace it

Truly. I mean it. Explore your style and embrace it! Everyone has a sense of style, whether you realize it or not. And thankfully, we don't all have the SAME sense of style. Be bold, take risks.

The truth is, no one really cares that much what you wear! And if they do, that's funny! Give them something to smile about.

Getting dressed in the morning is simply a fun way to learn more about yourself and get some use out of the items in your closet other than the same ol', same ol'. But you know what? If you prefer khakis and button downs every day, then go for it! The main goal: FEEL BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME and comfortable in your own skin.

Often, I don't. I struggle with my own sense of self and body image. Sometimes I want to tear all my skin off and cut out my spider veins and cellulite. Sometimes my reflection makes me cringe.

But then I take a deep breathe, remind myself that God loves me just the way I am, and pick out a cute outfit that I know I'll feel good in.

I invite you to take a similar approach. Believe you are beautiful. You are.


  1. Oh Shiva (I pick out that goddess only because one of my coworkers wants to go to her temple). You said boring button down-shirts and khakis? That is almost EVERYTHING our own mother has given me since I spawned from her. Plus, you generally support her in this task.

    Are you trying to make your very own brother ugly? Feeling good in your own skin is one thing; having others feel good looking at your skin is another.

  2. Dearest Brother, it's different for boys. You should definitely wear khakis and button-downs! And sweater vests! Also, like I said - people should wear what they love!!!!! :)

    Also, thank you for mentioning Shiva. I'll do some research on her.

    Also, love you! Thanks for reading my silly blog.

  3. Oh Emily, I love you!! (and I LOVE that your brother reads your "silly blog"!!) Love that first picture of you kicking your foot up--very fun!

    Wish I had a clue what my style is! I wish I could stand wearing nylons/tights/whateveryoucallthem. I don't even own a pair. I've got TOO much to squeeze in, they're just so uncomfortable. And I wish I could pull off a belt, you tiny you! =) I REALLY need you to take me shopping sometime!! Whatdoyasay,Nebraska vacation???