Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista: Flannel Alert

pastoral fashionista 2

Spring is here. But it's still quite chilly-chilly-chilly in the upper Midwest. Time to relish in the joys of flannel for at least another week. I'm sure flannel is some kind of fashion no-no. But sometimes it's so cozy!

The other day I paired it over a dress, and it actually turned out alright. It's a fitted flannel top from Target with cool pearl-style buttons. You should dig through your closet and find some flannel! Unless it's warm where you are. In that case, please just wear a cute t-shirt and enjoy the sunshine!

Flannel Girl Rundown Blurry

Here are a few of the blogs I love for fashion inspiration.
The photo quality is wonderful on all these bloggies!
FYI: none of them have to take their own pictures.
Also, these 3 lovely ladies don't have to deal with the IMMENSE challenge of making a clergy shirt look cute!


  1. I am doing an Emily today and wearing a belted cardigan with my khakis & tank top combo! I feel very adorable and I like how this outfit says "Hey everyone, I have a tiny waist!" :) Also, I forgot how tall you are! Your awesome photos make you look as tall as a supermodel (which you are!)!

  2. Sarah!!!! I bet your outfit was super duper cute!

    :) :) :) :)