Diaries of a Pastoral Fashionista: Take #3

So Excited

First off, I want to share something FUN!

Sunday night I got to see my freshman year roomie, Alison! She came to visit for the night and it was such a treat. Treat, treat, treat. I felt like no years had passed at all. It felt so good to laugh together again and share stories. I love friends!

Friends Forever

Now, back to business:

pastoral fashionista 2

Unexpected Color

I sometimes get stuck in a wardrobe color rut. I wear too much black, brown, and light pink.
On many of my favorite fashion blogs, they talk a lot about color blocking. I don't understand quite what it means. But I do know that a splash of color here and there can go a LONG way. Plus, aren't some colors mood boosters? And who doesn't need a little of that?

Add Brights

And how about an INTERNAL tip of the week?

Here's what I'm working on internally: appreciate what other people love about life.

Today a fellow at church came into my office ecstatic about seeing a new bird that he'd never seen before (he's 80 and has been a "birder" for many decades). It was one of the MOST special, beautiful moments of my week. I am definitely going to start caring more about birds. Definitely! Also, I am going to make an effort to appreciate other people's hobbies and interests. It's fun to learn and it's fun to listen.

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