A blah blah bloody update.

Bloody Update

I'm interrupting "Thankful Thursday" for another new blog feature I've been saving up until the perfect moment! It's called "A Blah Blah Bloody Update." If you're new to the blog - last July I got a weird blood disease called Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura. Basically, my platelets are very low. My immune system is permanently confused and eats the platelets like they're bad guys. I never feel sick but I do get bruises, and it's apparently really dangerous to walk around without platelets . Platelets make blood stick together and they are very special little dudes. No platelets = bad news.

I haven't posted too much about the ol' blood lately. #1 - it's boring. #2 - it's weird. But I am mentioning it today because I'm heading to the hospital soon. I had my usual every-other-week blood test this morning, and the hospital called back right away with the update. My platelet count is back in the "Danger Zone" so I need to get an infusion this afternoon. It takes about 6 hours. I have plenty of work to do, so hopefully I can be productive. Or I might just sit and watch Food Network in my drug-induced sleepiness.

Do you like my new banner? I know, "A Blah Blah Bloody Update" is perhaps a little gruesome. But a girl with a blood disease has to have a little fun, right?!?! If I can't laugh about this weirdness, I'll cry. So I'll choose laughter.

Also, I just watch THIS video on repeat when I feel like sulking. It's beautiful. Hahahahaha.

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  1. You have such a positive outlook and I LOVE the title/banner even thought I LOATHE the situation.

    Positive thoughts your way, my dear.