Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

Again and again, I hear studies and read books that mention an interesting phenomenon. It appears that people who make a sincere effort to express more gratitude in their lives seem to be happier. With this in mind, let's reinstate "Thankful Thursdays." I think we tried this before on random days, but it will be lovely to claim this as our weekly ritual. I'll share a few things I'm thankful for this week. Then you share, okay? It will be fantastic if we can really get this going; it would be eye-opening and beautiful to read about the happy spots in your lives.

My gratitude list:
-laughing about farts with 8th grade girls for 30 straight minutes during confirmation (does this make me a terrible pastor?)
-access to great new music via the Interwebosphere (check out Local Natives!)
-getting boy advice from 89-year-old women (i.e. "Did you know that tv preacher Joel Osteen met his wife at a jewelry shop? You could meet your future husband anywhere!")
-exercising again after a very long hiatus


  1. I had a youth pastor who, whenever he would fart audibly, would say "What? You don't think Jesus ever burped or farted?" So I don't think that makes you a terrible pastor at all! Farts are hilarious and God made us so that we fart, so YAY GOD FOR FARTS! :)

  2. I'm thankful for your thank you card! Made my day...

  3. I'm thankful for being the only gal at the fancy dinner last night NOT wearing black.
    I'm thankful for my babe who is turning into a little person.
    I'm thankful for the means to be searching for a new car, though the search isn't going well.
    I'm thankful for 2-boy nap time.

  4. Thanks for posting your "thankful" lists, gals.