Words: Part 2


My intention for the day was to use only words that lift people up -and no words that tear down.

I was nearly successful but not quite. So I'll try again tomorrow. It was a very good exercise; I'm going to stick with it.

Wondering where my failures happened? I was part of a conversation on various celebrities and their personality types. I accidently said words that weren't particularly uplifting about Lady Gaga - who I actually like quite a bit. And then I meant to make a fairly neutral, non-judgmental statement that I think ended up sounding more negative than neutral. FAIL. Try again tomorrow.

Another goal: START EXERCISING! Oh me, oh my. Since the blood fiasco, I haven't exercised much at all. But all that will change! Seriously, I want to be healthy and exercise and get my heart rate up. The main problem is time. But no more excuses. Give me a "holla" if you want to cheer each other on in this department. How do you incorporate exercise into your life?


  1. I totally understand the exercising thing! Although my days are relatively active with chores, etc., it doesn't really get my heartrate up! I got snowshoes for Christmas and have gone out a few days during lunch (or today before I came into the office). I'm also attempting some videos from the library. I need someone else to tell me what to do!

  2. Katie! We can cheer each other on. I'm going to try to do at least 20 minutes of heart-pounding exercise later today.

  3. Did you get your 20 minutes in? I let Friday kind of be an "off" day, though I did work on cleaning my paddock so got some arm workout in! And today we went skiing to try to "remind" Levi how it works before heading to MT next week. I hung back with him, so it wasn't much of a workout, but we were out and about!