A Little Wednesday Miracle

Barn in Winter

I would like to share about my special little "coincidence" from today!
Remember earlier this week when I was asking about how you make decisions?
(PS - Thanks for your emails, texts, and comments on that topic)

Well, earlier today, I got some great heavenly insights on the topic.

I was visiting my dear kindergarten friends from 9-10am at the local elementary. I hang out there with them for one hour each week. Today, we were working on a worksheet describing the differences between "smaller" and "bigger" objects. I happened to glance up and notice a big chart sitting on top of a cabinet.

The caption on the top of the chart read: "How to Make Decisions"!

It's a chart created for 5-year-olds, but I found the tips to be quite invaluable! The chart read as follows:

Maria is thinking about what to do today.

1. What is the question?
2. List the choices.
3. Think about each choice.
4. Make a decision.

Sometimes I make things so complicated. It was so good to be reminded today that decision-making really doesn't need to be all that complicated after all.

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