Holy Moment.

January 2011 007

Twice a month, we have communion during the Sunday services.

The kids who don't take communion yet receive a blessing. (I'd be totally awesome with kids receiving communion as soon as they were able to hold their hand out - but that's not the practice at this church).

There's a little gal who is about 4-years-old. She's been coming to church for a few months now. Today, during the blessing, I looked in her eyes and said, "May you remember today and every day that Jesus loves you very, very much."

She got a great big smile on her face and nodded. She looked over at her mom and tugged on her shirt.

"Yeah...Jesus loves me," she said to her mother, as if she understood all of life's mysteries in an instant.

It was beautiful.


  1. As a mom of a little one who could hold out his hand to receive communion, I'd love to hear your thoughts on why he'd be ready to! When you have a moment, of course!
    I pray you have a great week, Emily. One long on smiles and short on worry.

  2. Hi Em! Just wanted to say hello, that I was thinking about you today, and that I love you LOTS!!!

  3. totally want to use that one, if it is not yet copyrighted.