On the theme of happiness...

Today, I saw a beautiful work of art related to today's earlier blog theme of happiness. The artist is Mary Proctor. The name of the piece is "Dancing on the Street Pave in Gold." I just did a quick Google search and found this article about it.

I'm still working on my happiness resolutions for the month, but I think the following ideas will be incorporated.

-Daily belly laughter
-Daily reading time
-Daily creative time (in some capacity; everything can be a creative act, right?)
-Daily prayer
-Appreciation of art tme
-Service to others time
-Eat more Annie's salad dressing; my favorite is "Goddess" style
-An intentional effort to "let go" and halt negative energy when it comes into my space!
-Forgive both clueless people and intentionally destructive people

Here are some pictures I took at the museum today.
Such beautiful work.

Can you help me with a project? Comment if you'd like - or just take a moment to fill-in-the-blank.

Happiness is __________________________.

Dancing on the Street


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