Evening updates....

Hi there!
Bedtime for me, but I wanted to share a quick update...

This morning I had an emergency platelet transfusion at the hospital.
Hopefully it will take care of the bleeding situation. The effects will last for 24 hours or so. The plan is still to begin the four additional rounds of Rituxan starting Thursday. While we're waiting for the Rituxan to work, the doctor says we will treat my disease with additional rounds of IVIG and platelet transfusions. Sounds good. Because guess what? I don't have to increase my Prednisone! Whoo-hoo! I might not have platelets but at least I won't feel internally bonkers anymore!

In general, I feel well tonight. The transfusion went really smoothly, and I'm thankful for the platelet donors of the world.

And then - the rest of the day held such bonuses as: a home visit, a premarital session, and a council meeting!

Okay, the actual truth: I got a bit discouraged and tearful tonight as I prepared for bed. So I'm going to whine for the next 60 seconds. I'm giving myself 60 seconds of sadness. Here they go. I'm really timing it with the little clock on my computer...ready, set, whine....

Things I miss....
my blood
Chicago friends
the seminary library
my brother
my family
college literature classes
not worrying about stupid blood problems

Okay. Great. That was 60 seconds.
And I feel better. Sorry for being a baby sometimes. It is helpful to vent and process, though.

And now I feel I should share a few things I love, just to be balanced. You know about the importance of balance, right? Yin and yang. Peas and pods. Diet Mountain Dew and poptarts (don't knock it 'til you try it!).

Things I love (also timing myself for 60 seconds):
phone catch-up sessions with college pals
nice nurses
great coworkers
great congregation members
getting teased about my wacky clothes
the Interwebs
friends & family

Time for bed.
And tomorrow will be a new day. There is something so beautiful about that promise. Tomorrow will be a new day.

And anything is possible.


  1. sending you lots of love and thoughts.
    know always there are a lot of us out here thinking about you!

  2. Emily, I am reading a really interesting book right now that I think you would like. It's a historical fiction called "Pope Joan" and it has lots of great history and theology in it, as well as a woman Pope! :)