Pop Culture

Katy Perry released a new song.
It's called Firework.
Have you heard it? Guess what? Surprise, surprise - the lyrics are not smut! They are pretty cheesy, but actually kind of empowering.

I've been listening to her Katy Hudson CD from about 10 years ago when she was a Christian singer and using her birth name. I really loved that CD back in the day - and I still do.
I like her new song, too; I downloaded it this evening. I've only listened 15 times so far.

EDIT: I just have to add this article in I came across online this morning: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-31749_162-20021693-10391698.html Interesting!

Have you heard of Aziz Ansari? He's on the NBC show Parks and Recreation and he's been in a few movies. I didn't really know much about him but Monday I read this GREAT article about him in the newest issue of The New Yorker! Now I am becoming his biggest fan! His humor can be pretty crude, but he's really, really witty and kind-hearted, too.

In other news, I have 23,000 platelets today.
And a cute new pair of brown boots - on sale for $22 - regularly $79! Bam!


  1. 1) Katie Perry was a CHRISTIAN SINGER?!

    2) I miss big cities, too.

    3) Yay for more platelets!

    4) I continue to heart your blog

    --Love, Julia

  2. Yay for platelets!

    And I love Aziz Ansari! I don't know if episodes of Human Giant are online anywhere--a hilarious show he was in that still gets quoted at my house.

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    Julia - YES, Katy Perry was a Christian singer, and she went by her birth name, Katy Hudson.

    Jennifer - Aziz is so funny! I'm obsessed with watching Youtube videos of him. I want to be his girlfriend!