Weekend Update


The conference/retreat for teens went very well over the weekend.
It was sooooooooo fun to play my guitar and sing again!
The kids taught me so much about unconditional love, acceptance, and kindness.
They were all so genuinely nice to one another. Amazing.

Worship services today went well.

I had round #2 of Rituxan at the Infusion Therapy Center this afternoon.
Mom came to visit last night and was with me for the infusion. I'm very thankful.

My platelet count is down today, but no fear. It's probably down because the IVIG from a few weeks ago is wearing off. It will take awhile for the Rituxan to really start working, working, working.

I feel good - just quite exhausted from a big, low-sleep weekend.

A new week begins! Are you ready for it? :)
I'm really going to try to be healthy girl this week - better eating habits and at least 20 minutes a day of exercise. Here we go!

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