IVIG and a brand new life

Tomorrow I'm starting my brand new balanced life.
It's going to be great.
Healthy, balanced amounts of work, exercise, meditation, and social time.

The IVIG treatment went well today at the hospital. No complications.
And I have a new doctor who I will see on Friday.
Great news - his specialty is ITP! That will be great.
Hopefully my count will be in a safer range by Friday.
And hopefully my doctor and I can make a gameplan that I feel truly comfortable with.

In the meantime, I feel good.
I had a wonderful friend come and visit me at the hospital. She even brought chocolate!

Tomorrow begins a brand new chapter.

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  1. Hi Emily! For your meditation time, I recommend downloading an "album" of chants and readings from Taize to listen to. They have a whole bunch of them on Amazon 1-click, and they are wonderful and calming. :)