Dates, Worship, and the Hospital

I have been thinking about these adorable shoes for 3 days.
I still haven't given into temptation and purchased them.
But seriously, aren't they lovely? Cute, cute, cute!

I could wear them out on my imaginary dates!
Or to my visits to the Care Center!
Or I could create a small stir and wear them to Sunday worship!
Or I could wear them to the Infusion Therapy Center or the blood test desk!

The possibilities are endless.
Every gal needs a pair of impractical heels.
And really, they aren't THAT impractical.


  1. You simply must get those shoes! Must! Must! Must!

  2. Oh those are adorable!! Why would they would cause a stir at the church?! Put 'em with a pencil skirt or something--lovely!