19,000 platelets today.
Danger zone.
I'm home for lunch so I can have a quick, small cry.
Dr. Hook says I have to go up to 20 mg. of Prednisone.
I've been at 5 mg. for a few weeks and was sure looking forward to 0 mg.
I hate Prednisone and its wacky side effects.

I feel sad and mad and scared.
I sure hope that Rituxan will start working soon. ASAP, in fact.

I hate this "situation" - I really, really do.

Another blood test on Friday - hopefully things will have improved. Or at least not gotten any worse.

God, please help. It would sure be a fun way to celebrate the Reformation if my blood could be normal again.

Okay - time for lunch & back to work.

And then, if I'm STILL thinking about those cute blue shoes, I just might order them.
Maybe my spleen would calm down. She loves shoes.

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