What are you eating?


Lately, I really and truly adore apples.
Apples with peanut butter & apples with honey!
Such a tasty treat.
How about you? What are you eating a lot of these days?

I'll head over for a blood test early tomorrow.
I have the most gigantic headache I have ever had today.
Apparently that is a normal side effect of the IVIG.
Hopefully the headache will disappear tonight as I sleep.
As long as my platelets are through the roof tomorrow,
It will be worth it.

Remember when I kept recommending the singer Andrew Belle?
I'd forgotten about his music the last 2 months or so.
I rediscovered his CD "The Ladder" - and, it's definitely still fantastic.
Download: "Open Your Eyes" - it's beautiful. "The Ladder" is also beautiful. Every song on the CD is great. Download it.

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