Pop Music and Platelets

Why do I love Usher's songs so much?
I downloaded "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Again" the other day.
Have you heard it? I've listened to it WAY too many times.
All his songs are about dancing at the club and partying and hooking up with hotties.
I can't even remember the last I went to a club.
Wait, have I ever been to a club?

I'm just not sure why, but I do like his songs.
Similarly, I still really like T-Pain. His name alone is quite fascinating. T-Pain? Really?
And yes, I still love Ke$ha and Katy Perry, too.
A wannabe teen? Not really. Maybe I'm just a twenty-something-pastor-with-a-deep-love-of-pop-music.

Tomorrow morning I have a blood test at 6:30am. My only one this week!
BONUS! :) :) :) :)

The doctor was a bit negative/realistic when I talked to him earlier this week.
He said I really need to be prepared for a low platelet count, and I need to have a gameplan of what my next "plan of attack" will be by tomorrow. He reminded me that IVIG is only a temporary answer - it's not a long-term solution.

Regardless, I am still hopeful that IVIG will be a long-term solution. I think the whole platelet "situation" is probably in remission by now. I feel fine and I haven't had any new bruises this week!

I'll be sure to update tomorrow.


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  1. I like Katy Perry too! Want to hear something weird? When I was in college, I saw Bebo Norman in concert. Guess who opened for him? A 16 year old blonde girl with a guitar named Katy Hudson, who we all now know as Katy Perry! That realization was quite weird--to know that eight years ago she was playing acousti-pop Christian music! I bought her cd and it's still somewhere in my parents' basement...

    She is fun though, I like all her crazy outfits and her hair! And that California Gurls song was so darn catchy!