And all shall be well

Hey there!
Thanks for taking time to read this blog.
I am looking forward to incorporating more photos, recipes, short-stories, essays, and interviews S-O-O-N!

In the meantime, I'll try to post health updates, too.
I really appreciate you taking time to comment on posts, call, email, and visit! Seriously - THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I had my second IVIG treatment today.
It was really quite an annoying adventure centering on a ridiculous hospital error.
In the end, I'm safe and sound - so that's the main thing.
Hopefully this will be all over soon.

My platelet count today was 59,000, which is good. Apparently Saturday's round #1 of IVIG did help. Hopefully round #2 will boost the count even higher. Normal is 150,000 to 400,000 and it sure would be nice to get into the normal range - even if it only lasts for awhile. Blood tests on Wednesday and Friday at 6:30am. I had hopes that maybe it could get up to 250,000 or so. I really really really really hope that could be the case.

All is well in vocational world.
It was a big weekend, and I'm very thankful for the Holy Spirit's movement amidst such a variety of activities.

I'm going to try and take a quick power nap before tonight's meeting at church. The "Fit by Faith" team is meeting. They are a health and wellness group that started about 4 months ago. It is very inspiring to witness their commitment to incorporating a holistic, wholeness-based model of health into people's lives.

Have a great evening. Thanks again for journeying with me.


  1. Thanks for an update, Ma'am. I've been checking, thinking of, and praying for you all day! And will continue to do so! Hopefully things will balance out so you can stop thinking about it and return to just living life!

  2. Thank you April! You are so thoughtful and kind. I hope you and your adorable boys are all doing well!!!!!