It's August 18th!
Can you believe that?
Earlier today I had a total wake-up call when I realized that it's nearly the end of the summer.
It is so odd how quickly time flies by.
It seems like only yesterday that I was 12, over-excited about the prospect of new school supplies.

And Chicago - that seems like yesterday, too. I can't believe I lived in Illinois for four years. Was that a dream? I want it all to slow down. Slooooooow down, time. Please. I want to savor all these minutes and hours and days and life chapters. Well, if time isn't slowing down, then I guess I better just get to appreciating every single moment, huh? Time. It's such a precious, precious gift - how could I forget to pay attention to something so beautiful?

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  1. Just wait until you have kids! It's a constant balance between "If he was just a little bit older" and "I can't believe he's so old already!" Savoring every moment is the only way to fully enjoy; either of the other two options leaves you a bit sad. No need to go through your days sad!