Miracles & an Update

So guess what?
My body is still eating platelets like they are a delicious lobster dinner or something!

However, I do FEEL totally healthy - so that's good!
And I've been SOOOOOOOO obsessively healthy lately, so it's pretty annoying that my platelets are so low.

I wish I knew why this was happening. I wish I knew the cause of this weird disease.
The platelets are going down, down, down each day. They are currently at 33,000.

I had a blood test today and a meeting with my doctor.
The options are not that great. Quadruple my steroid dose. Get immunized tomorrow for a spleenectomy. Or triple my steroid dose and go on a drug that turns off the immune system for 3 months. WEIRD.

I am not going to choose any of those.

So my preferred option is: A MIRACLE!

My decision is to stay at my current dose of steroids (15 mg) and continue weekly blood tests to make sure my platelets don't get dangerously low.

I'll continue with the exercising, healthy eating, meditation, yoga, supplements, and herbs as well. I think it's all going to combine to fix the problem. I really do believe everything is going to be a-okay. :)

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